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Belt Conveyors

We manufacture Belt Conveyor for various material handling applications, such as bulk solid handling and unit handling.

We have supplied Belt Conveyors for handling coal, lime stone and aggregate as well as for powdery materials like cement, Ash etc for power plants, and various industries such as cement, paper and food processing. Our range include belt width specified in Indian standard and various grades of belt depending upon the characteristic of the material handled.

Conveyor profile will be to suit customer requirement, with standard 3 Roll Troughed Idlers for Garland Idler/ flat idlers.

Along with standard belt conveyor components such as pulleys, idlers, scrappers, skirt board, chute, take up and accessories like trippers, plough weighing scale we also offer sub system like dust extraction and dust separation system.

Under unit handling our range include fixed and portable belt conveyor, Lorry Loader and Stacker for handling sugar bags, cement bags and cartons.

Roller Conveyors

We manufacture both power and non power Roller Conveyors as per the customer applications. The powerised conveyors are designed to deliver heavy duty usage as well as flexibility. They are in need of continuous roller engaged with chain and sprocket powerised by motor.

An unpowered gravity roller conveyor is set at an appropriate incline and goods move down by gravity.

Screw Conveyors

We manufacture various types of screw conveyors and screw feeders with profile of horizontal, inclined and vertical . Generally Screw conveyors were used to convey powder materials like, cement, fly ash, lead oxide, etc. We now specialized to manufacture screw conveyor with/without hanger bearings based on the material handled and customer’s requirements.

We have supplied screw conveyors in line with the above. MOC of the screw conveyors are normally mild steel, stainless steel. We also manufacture as per the MOC of customers.

Chain Conveyors

Chain conveyors were widely used to feed fuel like coal, bagasse, wood chips, bio mass, etc. to Boilers.

We offer other types of Chain Conveyors like:

1. Slat chain conveyor
2. Apron chain conveyor
3. Enmass chain conveyor
4. Pallet conveyor
5. Overhead chain conveyor

Profile : Horizontal / Inclined / Horizontal cum Inclined
Material : Any bulk material handling
Pitch : 3”, 6”
Breaking load : 10, 15, 30 Tonnes
Structure : M.S.
Speed : 0.3 to 0.5 m/s
Slat Conveyors
Under Construction
Bucket Elevators

We are specialized in designing and supply of bucket elevators both in belt and chain with centrifugal & continuous type for various applications like handling, cement, fly ash, lime stone, sugar, salt, etc., we have supplied bucket elevator for a maximum height of 42 mtrs.

Product Range :

Type : Belt / Chain
Handling : Any bulk material
Height : up to 50 M
Discharge : Centrifugal / continuous / positive discharge
Bucket : MS / Plastic/SS/ASP
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